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A man of good taste and even better looks. Usually he is musically gifted, and may speak two or more languages. As a modest soul, he tends not to boast about his achievements or attributes. He is a gentleman, respectful to women and kind almost to a fault.

A Jonathan Grover also has a bit of a wild side. This sort of man would look and act just as comfortable in the middle of a bar brawl as he would in a concert hall. Sexually, he is beyond superb. He is primal and forward enough to make is desires known, but kind and considerate enough to make sure his ladies have several times as many orgasms as he does.
Who was that guy who left the party with those two hot girls? Must've been a Jonathan Grover!

-My guy is better than yours!
-Oh really? Cause mine's a Jonathan Grover.
by SupineLupine November 05, 2009
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