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The John doe or stranger of cock blocking. Someone who has great cock blocking skills they will never get any pussy, so they will go to great lengths to make sure no one gets laid. Prevents any pussy play. This person has no friend(s) and cocks blocks solo.
(Dude)Damn, That chick is really cute and has a nice round little ass.

I'm going to get her digits!

(Wingman) What happened man?

(Dude) Ah, this fucking Johny cock blocker came out of no where and started talking to us and started to act like a total douche bag and she got scared and went back to her table with her friends.

I was Like get the fuck out of here you fucking faggot!

(Chick)OMG you shouldn't talk to your friend like that.
(Dude) He's not my friend
(Chick) Well nice to me you I'm out of here bye.

(Dude) Where's that Johny cock blocker, I'm going to rape his ass.!!!!!
by Jojo Jenkins August 24, 2008
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