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A way to infer that a woman has an old worn out vagina. The full phrase would hypothetically be "Johnny Bench called, he wants his catcher's mitt back."
My girlfriend: "I told you 23 times to pick up my dry cleaning and take out the trash!!!!"

Me: "Johnny Bench called..."

My Girlfriend "What does that mean?"

Me: "What?"

My Girlfriend: "Who is Johnny Bench?"

Me: "Whats my Jdate password?"
by Art_Vandalay July 14, 2010
In other words, an "old catcher". As in someone whose old and takes it in the ass.

Saying "Johnny Bench called" is as to say "you're an old catcher", or "you take it in the ass".

As used in the Animated Sitcom Archer on FX.
Archer catches his mother having phone sex.

Conversation ensues.

Mother: Then get out, and for godsake take a shower. Smells like a whore house in here.
Archer: Okay... You're Own Fingers
Mother: Hmm?
Archer: Nothing.... Johnny Bench called.
by MontgomeryBrogan January 31, 2010
Another way of saying "Catch you later"

Which is also the title of Mr. Bench's autobiography.

In episode one of Archer (an animated sitcom on FX) the phrase is used at least twice.
Used primarily after an awkward moment in the conversation.

Man: When is the baby due.
Woman: I'm not pregnant.
Man: uhh. Umm

Woman: What?
Man: Johnny Bench Called (Then Departs the scene)

See Catch ya later
by Xilften September 24, 2009
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