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A show with an 11 year old boy with a "flaming hair", with a red-haired 15 year old twin genius sisters with a streak and attitude of an hoe, and their main purpose on the show is to drool over a weird fucking guido. Those twins deserves to be discriminated by calling them gingers. Johnny test, the protagonist is the one who tries hard to be cool but he instead looks like a rampant cockmunch that has an iq of an 9 year old, poses that he likes heavy metal or rock, but all he listens to is music full of power chords. You'll waste your time if you watch this, thus, decreases your iq to hell. It's basically a rip-off of the famous "Dexter's Laboratory".

Smart person: It sucks, go watch some more to melt your brain.

Fanfag: WHAT?

Fanfag 2: Johnny test is soo cool, he listens to rock.

Metalhead: Fuck you both, he's just listening to a boombox full of power chords in it! He doesn't know real metal or rock! *gives megadeth, iron maiden, anthrax CDs*
by DaemMetallion October 01, 2011
136 24
Teletoon's shitty rip-off of Dexter's Lab
by The Anonymous User July 04, 2011
127 15
It's a Kids TV Show on Channel 58(cartoon network) 4 kids 7 & older
Johnny Test is an 11 year old boy,with 2 geinus sisters & 1 talking dog.
by Johnnytest123 July 23, 2009
30 96