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(ja-ni no-chans) n. 1. A complete and utter asshole, whose habitat typically consists of gay bars and retro/electronica dance clubs (although claiming to be completely straight). 2. A creature with many "friends," only used as boosters for its self-esteem. 3. A "man" devoid of any understanding of responsibilty, accountability, or honor. 4. A boy who claims to be "just a friend", yet will use you for oral sex, and then drop you at the shake of yet another female booty.

v. 1. To lead someone on until sexually pleasured, and then go back to a significant other, showing no concern for the person used as a whore.
I do believe that Johnny NoChance over there is trying to dance like George Michael... and yet he likes the va-jay-jay?

Don't you try and Johnny NoChance me, you fucker.
by that chick June 14, 2006

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