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A chap who isn't from English i.e. foreigner but to make him sound more un-English add Johnny
Johnny Foreigner: Purpose of visit
Englishman: Imperialism now out of my way Johnny Foreigner
JF: Yes sir, tell me more of these pounds and inches
by Stutley February 01, 2005
1. Anyone who isn't British.
2. Anyone likely to be given a metaphorical 'bloody nose' by a plucky Brit.
Examples include 'Jerry' and 'the Frogs' (in that order)

See also
The Great Escape (1963), in which Johnny Foreigner is given a sound thrashing by a number of plucky Brits and other less important characters from the colonies. Later on, without giving away the plot, events go slightly a wry for the protagonists. Not to worry though, as Jerry's uppence comes, eventually leading to the end of Nazi Germany.
by Sqn Ldr Cavendish-Stockley February 02, 2010
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