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1. An eerie but beautiful song by banjo-playing singer/songwriter, Sufjan Stevens.
"He dressed up like a clown for them/with his face paint white and red/ and on his best behavior/ in a dark room on the bed he kissed them all"

2. A textbook serial killer that targeted young boys, luring them into his house with the false notion that he would give them drugs or alcohol.
Gacy would then proceed to violently rape and murder the boys, often using ropes and other tools to asphyxiate them.

Gacy buried 27 of his victims under the crawlspace in his house. When there was no more room, he dumped the bodies in a nearby river.

Gacy is a textbook case because he had an abusive childhood, troubles with his father, and showed no remorse for his crimes. This display of sociopathy is incredibly typical for a serial killer.
In fact, he even said "the only thing I'm guilty of is running a cemetery without a license."

It should be noted that Gacy was once photographed with first lady Rosalynn Carter after the Secret Service had given him a high-level security clearance.

Gacy's last words were "kiss my ass."
"That guy seems really troubled. I hope he's not secretly another John Wayne Gacy Jr."

by Ross Quaine July 22, 2008
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