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When someone, usually a guy sticks his finger in someone else's asshole.
"Dude, that dude just poked his finger in that chick's ass on the pooltable!"

"Ha! Bitch got John Wayne-d!"
by CBizzow December 30, 2007

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Getting slammed (shot) from behind when your not looking (usually used in online video games). The cheapest way to get a kill since your opponent has no idea where you are and does not have a chance to fight back.
WTF! That fag, Kevin, john wayned me two times already... what a noobmuffin. Chuck, this kid blows at every game thats involves controllers. At least Tim, Chris, and Mark don't crouch around the whole level and then camp in the back behind the soda machines... what a homo.
by T. Smizzle August 20, 2006