Top Definition
This person is amazingly sexy in every way.

He always get the ladies. They normally want to take his pants off and have sex with him.
Chelsea: Hey sexy!!!

John Nguyen: Back at ya wanna have sex??

Chelsea: For Sure!!!
by LOL FCKING CATS August 19, 2011
The Most sexiest cunt out. All the ladies want him and have sex with him.

This person is usually the coolest person in his group of friends.

Plus all the ladies want to have a rainbow party with him.

He is normally to have a rainbow polish girl.
Sexy girl: Hey John You are a sexy cunt.

John Nguyen: Thanks, want to have sex?

Sexy girl: For sure baby!!!
by LOL FCKING CATS August 19, 2011
All the Ladies want him nuff said!!!!!!
Girl 1: Fck my Vagina he is sexy

Girl 2: You talking about John Nguyen right?

Girl1: Of course!!! Who were you thinking about??
by LOL FCKING CATS August 19, 2011

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