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A very unique 3 piece Australian folk/rock band. The band consists of lead vocalist John Butler. The band also consists of Shannon Birchall the bassist, and Michael Barker the drummer, both men are back up vocalists. This is a very unique band in the instruments they play, John plays Guitar, Harmonica, Didgeridoo, Banjo, Lapsteel, Stomp Box, 1930s Dobro
Maton twelve string. They have been an active band since 1996, but only recently have they found success in North America.
Keith Urban and the John Butler Trio, jammed together at the 2007 ARIA awards.
by nick czapi February 29, 2008
when a woman is giving head to a man and has 2 other men rubbing their penises between each of her armpits while they look up to the ceiling, shaking their heads listening to John Butler Trio.
Marie is giving Dave a head and Dennis and Carlo startin fucking her armpits while John Butler Trio CD is in the system.
by George & Kelly from Omelge April 15, 2009
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