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A male sport where balls go back and forth.
"Jim just went jogging. You should have seen those balls going back and forth!"
by Jo Mammmmmmi March 06, 2003
12 29
It's a new fad. Apparently, you just run... for an extended period of time. It's supposed to be wild.
John: I just went jogging.
Mary: When in Rome
by Mr. Incredible January 12, 2005
218 52
jogging......apperently you just run for a certain distance....its suppeso to be WILD!!!
me and veronica are trying this new fad called jogging.
by snafargaling March 20, 2008
12 23
Another Word For Jacking Or Stealing
Libz: What yuu doinn ?
Mel: Nutin Jus Jogging

Libz: Wt Yuu Bin On?
Mel: Nutin Jus Jogged In Claires Acc.

by Si... February 06, 2008
7 20
To fornicate with a female.
"Check out those boots on that bacon I would like to go jogging with her"
by Taylor Torzala October 03, 2006
10 24
to masterbate
1. I can't wait to go for a jog

2. I caught him in the bathroom jogging on the spot
by wordartist69 January 12, 2010
11 27
Refers to the act of making out.
I was just out jogging with the hot chick from my bio class
by D-ROC_14 August 31, 2006
7 23
the act of smoking pot. useful in non-herb friendly situations.
Hey, after church, would you like to go jogging?
by Cooter Brown October 29, 2002
12 28