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The host of the television show Cheaters in which indivuals confront their unfaithful significant other. An instigator who loves to start sh*t between people under the guise that he really "cares" about them. He has been stabbed, punched, and slapped by several individuals on the show.

A synonym for anyone who starts trouble in relationships in which they have no business being in. The kind of person who tells your girlfriend your cheating on her because he's jealous that your gettin some pussy and he has never got to 2nd base with a woman.

Also known as someone who has a terrible haircut in which they spike their hair and paint the middle spikes white.
Tha douchebag Larry ran up on me while I was in the car gettin some dome from my secretary out behind McDonalds. I always knew he was a Joey Greco.
by H-Town Representer July 11, 2009
Joey Greco is the host of Cheaters.
A Joey Greco is someone who gets pushed over all the time like slapped,pissed on,stabbed,threatened.Also,someone who has,latin swag.Someone who does the right thing and speaks the truth.Someone who dyes a streak of hair white and wears black.A man who cares about his looks.
My friend spoke out and because of that he got screamed at and spit at.What a Joey Greco!
by WalkPasthim@5amWalkingHisDog:D February 25, 2011
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