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One who surpasses the sexiness of one 'Fabio' and adds the suffix 'io' to the end of their name. It has been known that only people with the name 'Joel' can do this.
Female usage: You're so sexy Joelio!

Male usage: I wish I was as sexy as Joelio!
A name given to a generally friendly guy. If you ever meet a Joelio, you will probably become fast friends. A person named Joelio will most likely be bisexual. He might also get stiff over antiques and small amounts of silver.
Guy 1: Is that chair an antique?

Guy 2: I don't know, does Joelio have a stiffy?

Guy 1: Yep.

Guy 2: Must be an antique then.
by Domiboy3 December 27, 2012