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Joe Walker is an actor most famous for his role as Voldemort in "A Very Potter Musical." Fangirls everywhere love him for his sexy voice and possibly sexier body. He's bringing Voldemort back.
Friend1: "I hate Voldemort so much!"
Friend2: "That's because you haven't seen Joe Walker's Voldemort. Come on, I'll show you!"


Friend1: *drools*
by Music -Misfit- July 07, 2010
Possibly the most attractive and talented man in the world. A member of the theatre group Starkid productions. And an amazing talented and creative actor, singer, and writer. Has preformed in all of the Starkid musicals and a mountain dew commercial. He is also Jewish. A simply amazing individual who is loved by fangirls everywhere.
Hey, did you see Joe Walker in AVPS?

Yeah, as Umbridge?

Yup, the only man that, i must say, that looks incredibly manly and handsome in a dress.
by Seinfeld/Starkid #1 Fangirl March 15, 2013
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