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Humorless twit who acts as a conservative pundit on MSNBC's Morning Joe. Was also once a talentless congressman. When he is on the show, the routine involves him picking fights and routinely losing them. When he is on vacation, the show generally sails forward as effortlessly entertaining. Rumor has it that he has incriminating photographs of someone high-up at MCNBC and that is why they continue to permit him to spew douchbag rhetoric on air. Has an unhealthy case of man-love for Pat Buchanan, another conservative talking-points blowhard.
Joe Scarborough: The way Jon Stewart undressed Jim Cramer on The Daily Show was most unfair. I do not believe our agendas, I mean viewpoints, should be questioned people. Just listen and accept; that's what I do when I'm given my Republican talking points.
by Fraud Exposer July 06, 2009
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