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A fat, useless, heap of human excrement and also the better(?) half of the (should me deemed) clinically retarded, ass-looks-like-a-bag-of-wet-clothes who can't bare children so she needs to resort to trying to snatch children to fulfill her dreams of being a mom named Aimee (notice the white trash spelling of the name). To be a Joe Lemire, one must not be able to hack it in the Navy and be an absent, dead-beat father who disappeared for 10 years only to return with obsurd threats and demands. If you are a Joe Lemire, you should kill yourself.
"Did you hear about Tommy? He got the boot from the Navy and hasn't seen or paid child support to his kid for over a decade!"
"He is such a Joe Lemire."
by TheNillaInVanilla December 27, 2011

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