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Any man/Giant robot that is so cool, that everyone knows he will kick everyone's ass without breaking a sweat. To be a Joe Kick-Ass, you must have the following traits.

1. You don't take no shit from anybody.
2. You have a sweet car (covering it in guns makes it better)
3. You play by your own rules
4.You are at least 15 feet tall and are a robot.*

Only when you complete these steps will you be a true Joe Kick-Ass.
Silverstreak is a regular Joe Kick-Ass.

Don't laugh at his momma, or he'll go Joe Kick-Ass on ya and run you down/shoot you with his Ferarri covered in shotguns!

*#4 is optional
by D-mokos August 12, 2005
A person that is kick ass in everything video game related. May have no real life friends, but at least she/he has his/her digital friends.
You are too kick ass for this game Joe Kickass
by Jerkstain April 09, 2007
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