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The opposite of a donkey punch
Is it possible to give someone a Joe Crow?????
by Byron Chen June 08, 2009
1. An colloqiual anglicised name for José Cuervo brand tequila.

Origin: Joe is the shortened form of the English equivalent name Joseph and directly translated, the Spanish word cuervo means 'crow'.

2. A Native American historian and author and member of the Crow Nation born in 1913, more commonly known as Joe Medicine Crow.

Customer: "Barman, three shots of Joe Crow if you please.."

Barman: "What?"

Customer: "José Cuervo.."

Barman: "Why not just say José Cuervo in the first place, you pretentious moron?"

Customer: (falls down)


Jeff: "Did you ever read 'Keep the Last Bullet for Yourself (The True Story of Custer's Last Stand)' by Joe Crow?"

Sally: "No, but I read his work on Native American thoughts on Nature."
by hungbunny February 01, 2009