A jock is someone who's athletic and is "popular". Jocks usually despise nerds and nerds usually despise jocks.
God those jocks are so stupid.
by a thing October 11, 2004
A person that uses every fucking muscle in their body except for the one that counts most.

An overbearing asshole/closet fag-----that gets all tough and brutish when someone samller and weaker than them happens to walk by.Pretty much a pussy at heart.

Also known to travel in packs and fuck the living daylights out of cheerleaders and other assorted cum-sluts in high school.

Usually get jobs as a school janitor, police officer/security guard,Gym teacher/ Fitness Instructor, neighborhood mechanic, bodyguard, bouncer, professional asshat, or my favorite the grocery store paper or plastc guy.
Jock : (Runs Up Slams Small Dude Into A Locker) Gimmie Your lunch money before I give you a swirly.

Small Dude: (Uses Jedi Mind Trick) You Dont Want To Take My Lunch Money Today. You dont want to give me a swirly today.

Jock: (Feeble Mind In A Fog)Wow, jeeze I'm sorry dude here have my lunch money and why do I have the strong urge to drink water out the school toilet welp might as well pay it a visit.

Small Dude: (Dusts Himself Off Walks Away Slowly Counting Money) Typical Jock
by Slade Technics October 25, 2006
A retarded musclebound loser who listens to lots of rap and figures he's cooler than everyone else just because he spends a lot of his time playing with balls.
wtach revenge of the nerds... cept substitute old school jocks for these new uber gangstas.... losers all of them...
by the enlightened few January 12, 2006
The reason i hate waking up everyday.
Fuck you jock stop thinking you can boss everyone around. Wow your good at a sport but your a total dumbass
by The Legend Of Max January 30, 2005
A douchebag that thinks his opinion matters only and venerates sports players. Often have IQ's under eighty, but pass because of their ability at sports. Not real athelets. Mostly football players. Basketball players sometimes, but usually basketball players are better people, actual athletes. Contray to what some write does not have to listen to rap but may listen to any type of music, but the thing is they have to know one song really well that they sing ad nauseum.
I know a jock that likes to sing the "I wanna rock/ I want to Rock/ Rock" part of Twisted Sister's "I want to rock" excessivly for no real reason.
by hasafienda December 29, 2005
Slang For Dick
This Bitch all up on my jock
by ac February 12, 2004
What makes up approx. 89% of my school, so I know what I'm talking about when I say Jocks are:

~OBSESSED! with sports

~The masculine version of a slut

~Think I like them (OMG!)

~Think nothing else in the world matters except for sports

~Likes picking up a ho or two on the street

~Usually (but not always) gets poor grades

~Hates all other social cliques (geeks, preps, punks, etc)
Teacher: Today we will learn about meiosis...
Me: I'm trying out for Cora in our school play Nightfallen!
Me: Let me guess, football?
Me: O_o
by Persephone~ June 03, 2009
derogative/slang term for someone from Scotland.
"I might be a Jock, but your an english ****"
by Randyhippo July 11, 2004
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