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A high school/junior high jock who tries to influence a non-jock, or ex-jock to beome a jock like him. Usually tries to have a heavy influence on him, and relentlessly try to persuade him to change into a jock with looks,speech,sports,etc. This is all in order to return this person to the jock side. Simply because that person was once their jock friend, or whatever.
Jock:Dude you should cut your hair short and spike the front up like it used to be.
Non-jock: I dunno I like it the way it is.
Jock:Just cut it short man. We all have short hair. Long hairs for fags.
Non-jock:I dunno.
Jock: You should play football, and wear abercrombie.
Non-jock: I hate abercrombie.
Jock: You should sit with us at lunch and hang out with us jocks!
Non-jock: Just get off my case!
Other guy:Wow, What a jock manipulator.

by Dactyl May 28, 2007
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