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When you either:
Trip your victim over
Find a victim conviniently on the floor already
You wegdie the back of their pants up hard and then force their legs up and attach the leg holes of the pants over their feet. This renders them unable to get free and the more they struggle, the tighter their wedgie gets.
This works better if you tie their hands up and if they are wearing tight jeans as they will hold the wedgie in more. Also, if performed on a female do a frontal wedgie too to add to their discomfort... and it's pure evil if they need the toilet beforehand as they will probably end up peeing themselves due to the increased pressure on their bladder!
I was lying on my bed on my stomach the other day in my skinny jeans, complaining to my older sister about how much I needed to go piss, but I couldn't be bothered. She laughed and suddenly jumped onto my back, giving me a jock lock wedgie and tugging up at the front a little too for effect. While I was struggling she tied my hands out in front of me and then left me. She came back ten minutes later and found me lying in a puddle of my own pee - I have never been so embarassed!
by AnomA100 October 14, 2007
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Is when a jock comes up behind one of his friends or foes on the same team as them and does the following:

The giver gos up behind the victim and gives him a jock wedgiethen the giver puts the victim in head lock and then rubs the victims head in the givers sweaty arm pit until the victim begs and then the giver pulls the first jock wedgie he gave to the victim higher until the victim screams bloody murder.

Here are some tips to concider

do to a person you really don't like only do it to your friend when mad at him.

remeber it will hurt the victim very much and will embrass them more then just a simple wedgie will.

So iam in the locker room and almost done changing and then my worst enyme comes in and shufs me and wedgies me. Then the next day i hid in the locker room wait for him to be all a by hinself. In just 2 mins he all by himself i sneek up be hind him give a massive jock wedgie then i put him in a head and rubing his face in my sweaty arm pit. i rubed his head in my arm pit for 5 mins and then cont his jock wedgie from befor that lasted 10 mins befor he screamed bloody murder. After that day he never botherd me again. cause of that major jock lock wedgie i gave him.
by craig 159 February 16, 2008
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