The act of applying for jobs with the intent of hooking up.
Harold: Dude, I went to a few department stores today, and fine mamis were all over the place. I'm about to go job hunting there tomorrow.
by the Little Kid May 26, 2006
Top Definition
1. (n) Something you should probably be doing instead of reading this definition

2. (v) An time consuming and activity, usually done for the sole purpose of getting out ofyour mothers basement

3. (v) In rare cases, searching for jobs, unless being used in a conversation with your mother then it turns into code for "watching porn"

4. (n) A race for low level, underpaid employment, usually won by Mexican Immigrants.

5. (v) What Gary Coleman does on his weekend, often times at gas stations, with Mexicans
1. Mother: Pee Wee, youve been on you computer all day!

Pee Wee Herman: Umm, nothing mother, just jobhunting!

2. Man,Im so broke, I should probably go jobhunting.
by PeanutButter from Chicago March 31, 2009

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