A U.S. Department of Labor program to take young "disadvantaged" adults from bad ereas and situations such as homelessness, depressed ereas urban and rural, and the like.. to give them "job skills and trianing" to help them get further somehow in life or just plain for there personal devoplment as people aiming to make them better and tax paying citizens.
"I took computer tech at job corps, got my levels A and B, umm I was there for 2 years and it was stressful freaky bullshit, after two years I used up all the time I could hide away in that place and was dumped litterly into the street and was lucky I could stay at my mother's house or end up in a shelter! I can't get a job or do shit, my life sucks"

-A fiarly common x-job corps students story
by Dusky June 24, 2006
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Jobcorps is a strange and unbidding place. First off you are lied to before you actually step foot on the property then again after you do. They give you medical in the form of medicare and at the first sign of something serious the send you home till you pay a doctor to say your better. In is a place where you have to find somthing to do or commit suicide which happened here in Homestead two weeks before I got here. On first impression it reminds you of a prison and it is though it doesn't have a ball and chain. Should you change your mind and quit you pay from your own pocket to get home. Here some of the teachers care like HVAC, Automotive others don't and are hard to find AKA: Computer Repair. The rules are in place until people get comfortable then the take away liberties without intention of returning them. I mean if you have no choice as in homeless which was my case it is an option. Truthfully I wouldn't recomend this place I was better on the side of the road they will mind wipe you into being a drone or kill you.
People do drugs all the time
High ups make living conditions impossible with the amount of restictions placed
There is a dangerous amount of mold in Homestead
The HVAC wasn't meant for the amount of people in the building so there is a high percentage of sick mostly belonging to flu or heavy upper resportory infection
PDA of any kind is not prohibited on center though rule book makes it clear that it is only supposed to stead for OVERT SEXUAL BEHAVOR
by Excessum25 June 15, 2010
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Job Corps is in laymans terms, a literal hell on earth. Imagine doing the same thing every day for months on end with no hope for salvation or redemption. You slowly count the days go by and after months of being there you do nothing that stands out in any unique way or form. It fills you with a burning desire to contract a massive amount of STD's and let thm slowly eat your dick away to take away the pain. Imagine waking up and all day being treted like a pre-schooler with down syndrome who has to be taught how to wipe your ass and how to go to bed. You clean for endless hours all day and do work that a chimpanzee wih broken fingers could manage, but there is so much of it you couldn't get through it all with a team of Harvar graduates. It smeels like ass and depression everywhere you go and all you can do to disguise it is to play out brutal and vivid suicide scenes of your own death in your head. They repremand you for being an individual and daily mind-fucks are administered by law. Not to mention the people who go there. Tke the biggest group of fuck ups, tweakers, ass-holes, and make them all sexually frustrated and you have the workings of a Job Corps facility. Going there is the eqivalent of taking a ballpeen hammer to all the jonts in yur body repeatedly, for months on end. Its symptoms are chronic masturbation, depression, alcoholism, frustration, and death. If you know a person who is going to go to Job Corps just hit them with a 2x4 for a few hours before they leave to get them attuned to the life they are about to suffer. If you are planning to go to Job Corps just kill yourself now and postpone your eternal suffering
Guy 1- Hey did you hear, John is going to Job Corps?
Guy 2- Wow we better go get a 2x4 so we can help him out!
by JConvery June 10, 2009
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A place where you feel like when you want to kill yourself, you are having a good day. A magical place where a lot of horrible 2 cent hoes try to act better then you when really, all they did with their life is bitch and get fucked usually under the influence of something. If you talk to the people all you hear is blah blah blah blah..im a fucking rtard. Where guys act like they are badasses but really, they just are sex deprived and masturbate so much, they have to fake like theyy have self esteem. The way the society works is, whoever does as much asshole facials as possible, get a gold jacket and are treated like a dumb blond with huge jugs and handle bars, and the rest of the people are psychologically smashed into believing they have the education of a 4 year old child with down syndrome and need to be ordered around by something called a AKA Leader. These Leaders as they are called, are really just people who are trained to bow and give head to their dorm staff and in return, they get to act like they actually know something you dont and tell you to do obvious shit that if you lived there for a day, you would be able to do handicapped. To top it all off, most of the staff think that if you dont listen to them(they think they are always right even if you have a rulebook or a reason) They talk down to you like a child getting a ass chewing for stealing a damn cookie(yes their explanations are about just as simple). So if you want to go to job corps, start eating shitty food, sharing stalls with the same sex, and learn how to kiss ass so well, brown nosing and ass kissing dont have a diffrence to you, then lastly, depriving yourself of anything enjoyable for a really long fucking time, then you may just be ready for this hell on earth.
Guy1: hey guys, im going to job corps!!
Guy2: stop being so happy, your runing your chances.
by Sychotic Edge June 10, 2009
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One word, Prison. Once you arrive at JobCorps you will find yourself stripped of civil liberties while constantly being reminded that you are being giving a tremendous opportunity (The same opportunity any bum off the street can get) witch is ironic because most people at JobCorps are homeless. The part of my life i spent at JobCorps i like to dub "My Two Weeks in Hell". First off, upon arrival we were given expired old turkey sandwiches, served leftover Mexican lasagna 3 days in a row, saw more drugs than an entire lifetime, fights plentiful, alcohol, shit on my toilet seat upon arrival, someone pissed on someones door in my wing, rules that are to inhumane for prison, no internet, no leaving campus, no nothing. To refrain from being board there is a gym with a basketball court, warning enter at own risk, this court is heavily populated with angry belligerent black folks who cant handle a loss and will easily fight over the slightest argument, is best to avoid. Ethnic ratio 70% blacks, 28% spanish, and 2% white. I was part of that 2% and acquired the name Eminem because of it. Quite simply JobCorps is a last resort all hope is gone, homeless or prison bound, government run and funded Youth Correctional Facility. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. If One is so unlucky and is tricked to get up there, one must buy his own ways back home witch in my case was a 100$ bus ticket BEWARE!
Joey: Hi im Joey, I just got here today!

Mike: First day at JobCorps?

Joey: Yes.

Mike: Welcome to Hell Im leaving tomorrow.
by JobCorps Sucks Monkeynuts December 08, 2012
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"Work Place Anarchy" but more like "prison work for the people trying to stay out of prison".
This is the equivalent of an enterprise looking up to a bureaucratic education.
EFFECTIVE FOR SOME, maybe not all. Good life lesson to try.

Play pool, live life up, BUT
**don't let people think they know you.

REMEMBER: All black moms tell sons "Take no1s shit", jits take it too far.

I got kicked out for being attacked & getting pissed about being accused WHEN THE TEACHER WASNT EVEN IN CLASS & EVERY1 WAS SLEEPING (strict rules about sleeping).

I didn't try2 sue 4 discrimination b/c its wasting much time& using a book before driving Heavy Equipment Operator
(Construction Co's will train you in order to pay you low$).
books teach not2 get/run ovr s1 w streamroller like stories

(Now its time 4 college so no construction 4 me.)

me2u: "Leave your attitude, youre getting a new 1"
(they giv you health to change your tweakn attitude)

Snickers says you+hungry=grumpy.
Let's go to Job Corps in Muhlenburg, KY & get the opportunity to extend our Career building time so we can USE THE GOVERNMENTS $ for WATER PARKs & cleaning the streets :)

(cant take the ghetto out me, but move me, the ghetto maker)
by spilt milk=splashing puddles:) February 09, 2011
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