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A young adult with adequate education (usually a Bachelor's or advanced degree) but little experience who has been unable to find a suitable entry level position due to the recession and resulting horrible economy, and out of desperation has become willing to do anything that will earn them a paycheck. Also known as an underemployment hopeful.

Similar to and a derived from this classical definition of latter term (slut): An attractive young woman who is not able to date whom she had originally desired and consequently embarks on a series of romantic encounters with various men with little discretion and virtually no commitment.
I thought that getting a Master's would guarantee me a good job, but after so much rejection I accepted job slut status and started working the drive thru.
by brianjensen June 16, 2010
A woman who has lots of part time jobs involving just a few hours at each job per week
She is a real job slut - today she is working at the chemist, the bakery and tonight at the pub.
by greenie01 January 02, 2010