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A job hoarder is someone that currently works more than one job at a time. Many job hoarders feel the need to constantly search for and accept new job opportunities despite commitments to current jobs.

Job Hoarders have a unique talent of acquiring several jobs within a short period of time regardless of external problems such as economical struggle or lack of qualifications. The most common type of job hoarder will work a shop/retail job daily whilst pursuing a waiter/bar job on the evenings. in some serious cases job hoarders acquire side jobs such as stealing, drug smuggling or even prostitution, this is to fill the hours which are not taken by scheduled working hours.

Job Hoarders often face much abuse and negative feedback from their peers, especially if one or more of the peer group is currently unemployed and searching for a job.
Terry got a job at the bar”, that’s the third job he has… what a stinking “Job Hoarder”

Barry isn’t home, he is in town “Hoard-ing Jobs”

Just leave me alone you dirty “Job Hoarder”

That’s my second job in a week !, I hope people don’t think I am a Job Hoarder
by cynicalbastard12 May 25, 2011
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