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Commonly referred as the "punday". These are one of the weakest, softest, pussiest clans of them all. Their enemy's include the "Raliowals" and also the "Tilfs"(parhar) which is known by mankind as the greatest clan of them all. He in known for retrieving his punday mobile to rescue those in need for their destinations. He is quoted as saying " So soft im licked and im dark" on several different occasions. This clan is mainly is used for slavery because they are useless in all other aspects of life.
1) You are good for nothing like a Jnarth
2) I am going to make you do Jnarth(Slavery) today
3) Jnarthisim was a common practice in the Southern parts of America duing the 20th century
4) Today is Jnarth history month
5) Jeremy was too busy to clean his room so he called a Jnarth do preform the tasks at hand
by N (Nagarkoil) S. Krishnan April 15, 2008
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