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A jizzpot is a big fat skank (Bitch) in leggings, usually found sat in cafe's eating the biggest breakfast on the menu with ten kids in tow, they're mainly called jizzpots because of there amount of kids and lack of fathers
Shane, look at that fat fucking jizzpot over there, shouldn't them kids be at school, Look at that rip in the arse of her leggings, fat cunt
by Maria67 March 03, 2011
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n. a young, hot and desirable female, so named because she is a pot into which jizz must be deposited with as much frequency as possible. Often, but not necessarily, a dirty slut. Can be abbreviated to J.P. or jp for covert use.
1. Damn, that girl is the biggest jizz pot.

2. Are there any jizz pots out and about today?

3. I really need to fuck a jizz pot.
by T-Chill February 04, 2012
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The container used to cum in when donating sperm
I went and filled a jizz pot today to get some extra cash
by Ryano94 July 19, 2010
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