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At the point of explosion, you proceed to pull out after rapidly thrusting in a girls panooch, you make grizzly bear noises as you jizz all over a girls dome-piece. Hence the name jizzly bear.
Chad proceeded to give squeely a jizzly bear after thrusting repeatedly. Squeely loved it.
by Darkness, peaches, and tburd January 21, 2010
One who acts like a total tool in public and always insists that they are correct even though they are wrong; an epic douchebag. They also fail at having a brain and thinking legit thoughts, they use "gay" as an insult and a synonym for stupid, and they usually try and tell you the least amount of information as possible so they don't hurt their brains. They also follow everything that all their fucktard friends do. Abbreviation: Jizzly
Me: shut the fuck up, jizzly bear
Me: yeah, I know.
by mr_molotov September 15, 2009
a little princess that loves giving head and being a participant in dutch rutters, loves masturbating with stuffed animals as accessories, and recieves facials like a little bitch
Person1: Hey, what did you do last night?
Person2: I was being a jizzly bear with my boyfriend
by Jeezi Boy February 16, 2009
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