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Proper Noun
1. A legendary group of teenage warriors. Fighting against the tyranny of all forms of authority, they sought to bring anarchy and chaos to their homeland. After many crucial battles such as the Battle of the Shanty and the Great Basement Siege the group had grown old. They disbanded and went their separate ways off into life. However, the legend lives on in the next generation of Tribesman.
Kidmeister Jr. #1-"Those Jive Town kids are crazy!"
Kidmeister Jr. #2- "I know man, I passed out in their stronghold and they poured honey in my hair, painted half of my face black, and hung me upside down from the ceiling!"
Kidmeister Jr. #1- "Did they shoot fireworks at you?"
Kidmeister Jr. #2- "No...."
Kidmeister Jr. #1- "You're lucky."
by Matawhuo March 03, 2009