verb, this def. ''jingleballin'' mean doing anything related to christmas that is so gangster you needed to create a new funny ass word
example 1 ''yo man jose just raped his car in christmas lights and it looks exacly like a dick''

''no way''

''fu** ya''

''i know''

''thats jingleballin''
example 2 ''hay jon''


''did you see the funny text i sent you about the raindeer f**king!''

''no?! send it1''


recived message

''00000 thats jingleballin!''
by taylor for e for December 26, 2009
Top Definition
Is one possessing the biggest nuts in the room during the holiday season. (Please note that this can and does apply to women as well).
Well, Christmas Kitten, what have you been up to.....jingle balling' and ho ho ho'ing?

Kelly - So, what's under that overcoat? Jillian - my jingle balls.

Yeah, I got your jingle balls!!!!!

All these hoes crammin' my mistletoe cuz I'm jingle ballin'.
by J Farrar January 12, 2012
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