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as heard on the Discovery Channel's "Gang Wars: Oakland": Filed-down car keys used for auto theft
"Zapper's cousin was arrested for having a knife, no I.D., and a bunch of jingle keys."
by Geedavey October 31, 2009
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People referencing something they find funny without understanding what the joke is, or where it comes from; like babies laughing at jingling car keys (Examples: Doge, Pepe, Big Bang Theory Show, "fist me daddy"; memes and references with no real meaning
I've been a Jingle Key numerous times, I used to say "pwn" all the time back when I played Runescape.

"You guys are a bunch of Jingle Keys! You have no idea where I got these dope ass memes from!"
by Zundox August 03, 2016
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When a person makes a reference to something they think is hilarious without knowing why it's funny (such as memes like Doge and pepe). It takes no effort to entertain that person like jingling keys in front of a baby. A counter meme.
"wow, much pleb. Insert sad Keanu! hahaha"
"Every word that just came out of your mouth was jingle keys!"
by debotchery6 August 18, 2016
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