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Adjective form of popularly known "Jizz in my pants," or JIMP. Sexy or arousing, to the point of causing one to ejaculate in his own pants.
The way that chick danced in the club last night, it was so jimpy.
by superfreak34 July 16, 2012
1 2
nasty Overgrown Disease In the Crotch.
Includes, Super Crabs, Ingrown Hairs, Loosening, Random Slime Build Up, Bumps, Random Bleeding
Guy 1: Hey Man, Did You Nail Britney At That Party?
Guy 2: Yeah That Bitch Gave Me The Jimpys!
Guy 1: Fuck Man, That Sucks. I Hope Its Not Contagious.
by Darknetus June 18, 2011
49 13
You're so Jimpy!
by CheateN October 16, 2003
23 45