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To "Jizz in My Pants", to be overcome with emotion; sexual or not. May be used for both male or females and for any situation.

Ex 1: Jimped (v.) past tense: I was sitting here on the bench when a hot chick walked by and I jimped all over my shorts.

Ex 2: Jimp (v.)present tense: While eating chocolate, Maria began jimping so hard that she had to be removed from the church.

Ex 3: Jimp (v.)past perfect: Jonah wished he had jimped the day he saw Star Wars at the IMAX because now he was backed up and it was getting painful.

Ex. Jimp(v.)philosophical tense: I jimp, therefore I am.

***credit for the coining of this term is given to Trippicist, whose Lazy Third Eye is a great source for all of your jimping needs.
by AgingGothMom January 02, 2009
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