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What all southerners have in their basement. Mostly found in Alabama - the inbred state.

Jimmy the inbred is the inbred brother that all southern families have. Each Jimmy usually has 7 toes on each foot and 6 fingers in total. Jimmy is usually locked in a cage to keep away from the outside world.

Jimmy the inbred sometimes escapes, much like Borat's retarded brother, and rapes all the males, females, pets, and neighbors of each family.

Jimmy the inbred can be called by each family member just by tapping the back of their left hand. Upon doing this from any spot in the world, Jimmy will appear within a matter of seconds ready to rape anything in his path.
yeah. i gotta Jimmy the inbred down in the basement somewhere. havent fed him in years, but hes locked up pretty good.
by Niqqawithaq June 19, 2010
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