To defriend someone on facebook for admitting to liking The Bloodhound Gang.
"I had to Jimmy Pop Meg today. She quoted from "The Bad Touch."
by dpmerline December 29, 2011
Top Definition
Jimmy Pop (Ali). Lead singer and driving force behind The Bloodhound Gang. Likes Waffle House, hangin' out with fellow millionaire Bam Margera (in more recent years), and listening to music from the 80's.
I went to Wawa yesterday and saw Jimmy Pop there in his pj's. I assume he was buying cigs and coffee so he could smoke and drink while watching The Simpsons.
by sesp March 31, 2005
Simply put, a condom. A nice slang term.

The Bloodhound Gang's lead singer also goes by the name Jimmy Pop Ali.
"Yeah, I'll be right over, let me just stop off at the drug store and score some Jimmy Pops.
by Ioahnnes Jones September 10, 2004
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