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To annoyingly pester someone into an argument about trivial matters using thinly-veiled personal attacks.
"Did you see the video of that anchor on Fox News last night? He tried to pull a Jima on Richard Dawkins, trying to bait him into saying that atheism was a religion."
by SquarePegIX October 05, 2007
a sub-species of the half-asian family, jimas are no doubt the coolest, funniest, fittest human specimens to walk this planet. This is partly down to their uncanny ability to evolve and adapt far more quickly to their surroundings. A good example of this ability was shown in a recent discovery when jima was discovered to have been able to handle pencils, internet cables and large chunks of stilton.
BITTLE a prime example of a jima
by pencil kid October 18, 2010
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