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When you decided to have a homosexual experience with another male/female and have to lubricate your partner.

It can also be used to explain how someone became a homosexual.

The origin of this word dates back to the late 60's when sexual experimentation was socially allowed. I was used among teens back then when first experimenting with anal sex. It lost its use during the 80's when new terms like rim job and cumcake started to be put into circulation. During the modern era it has became a popular nick name for blatant homosexuals.
One night I was having a sleep over with my friend and we decided to jiggly yo wiggly each other. This lead to many occurred situations after that.

Did you see billy last night? I hear he was jiggly yo wiggling a classmate of his during the camping trip and that lead to him coming out of the closet.
by John 316 420 August 04, 2009
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