Top Definition
1.) An action item, often defined as doing some irregular activities
w/ leaving ya all discombobilated & confused.

2.) A speedy, "cool" , kind-hearted individual with a dead brain!....Luvz him some FAT girls!

3.) a fellow TAP member that knows the meaning of chillaxin! Don't
need a women or a club to have a good time
Just needz a Taco Mac seat and post up for 8 hrs!

4.) a sorry a$$$$ ping pong player, but a clutch beer pong playaaa!

1.) Dayammmm dawg, why u gotta be a jigggar, why'd you ask that girl if
she was a man!?!

2.) Thanx for being a Jiggar-man,, but I don't wanna bounce with

by "D"-MANN February 19, 2009
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