The Jig of death resembles skanking or an irish jig but with side to side arm movment, knukles of moth hands together. Anyone witnessing the Jig of Death has only seven hours to live unless they pass it on!
And lo it came to pass that on the day of judgement, they will jig... and they will die!
by BENofdeath* August 18, 2003
Top Definition
The side-to-side, arm-pumping warm-up move performed and made famous by WWE superstar Brock Lesnar prior to his matches. It is similar to the light-footed "Ali Shuffle", and somewhat resembles an Irish "jig" dance, but is performed with gravity and intensity, in a foreboding, intimidating manner. Sometimes used as a taunt.
After knocking down the jerk who tried to feel up my girlfriend, I stood over him and did the Jig of Death, and he scrambled to his feet and fled to his car.
by Sean Wilkinson January 28, 2003
a dance that is passed on to make people die in 7 hours unless they pass it on themselves
ian jigs stevem steve jigs paul... paul does not jig anybody. he dies in 7 hours!
by paul of death August 19, 2003
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