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A slang term for terrain park skiers. Terrain park - is an outdoor area that contains terrain that allows skiers and snowboarders to do tricks. (Usually man made) involving boxes, jumps and rails
Noun – Jibb

“Let’s go jib, I’m going to pull a 540 off the hip jump.”

Adjective - Jibbin

“hey man, did some sick jibbin today”
by Jibbin master 400 November 03, 2010
17 7
A Snowboarders Term for
grinding railes
man...lets go jibbin' then later lets ride the half pipe
by ChubbyLove March 14, 2005
108 34
Using public transport and not paying.
Jibbin the train or the bendy bus.
by vibe advice October 03, 2011
5 3
boobs, tits, etc... created by Jordan C in order to talk about someone with large boobs without them knowing what you are talking about

Martin: I am wheeling Megan, eh.
Jordan: You just like her cause of her jibbins
Megan: What?
Martin: Shut the fuck up man!
Nice jibbins
what are you talking about?
by John Durrr July 17, 2009
6 4
To intentionally, inconspicuously, withhold communal property from others; for the purpose of personal gain.
Yo, quit jibb'in the fuck out the blunt!
by four winds west November 02, 2008
0 0
doing hard drugs (meth to be specifc)
i heard chris is jibbin it up tonite
by Janine December 09, 2003
30 34
The act of freaking out/twitching etc when stoned.
"Im Jibbin out here mate."

"Fuck, I'm Jibbin like a prize-winnin gibbon!!"
by prizewinningibbon November 27, 2008
8 15