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Occurs when several individuals try to devise and implement extremely random words, phrases, and sentences into a paragraph in order to one up each other in random writing. These paragraphs can be any length and may not be grammatically correct. Each person retorts in this way.
Jibber War:

Person One: Listen guys n gurls. We cnt keep posting like this. its not nice. i mean what if my car saw this? he would say daniel ur on fire and i would say ik but the gate is too far for the yellow door to milkshake.

Person Two (Retort): seven pages more and ill be done.. look the collateral damage reined on the red sweatpants that collided.. collided in and out of the white pent out apartment .. i felt a shoe hit me in the head.. but in the end, i realized you can not walk barefoot in the super market isles ..
by dcerone August 24, 2010

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