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dashing, dapper, aka the asian persuasian, fantastically compact, god like hair and intelect, most man per cubic inch ya gonna get. makes frank santra look like a hobo. one must wash their mouth when speaking of him and seer their mouth when they use his name. non compare to this being of greatness
when god said let their be light .... Ji-Hoon said "say please"

ohhh my Ji-Hoon save our souls from eaternal damnation

Goodness gracious great balls of Ji-Hoon
by MurZZ93 November 25, 2010
(adj) (n)
extremely talented at something after a short period of time learning it
Omg, Austin is such a jihoon at bass; he barely learned how to play it for a week!!

Wow, Veshant is becoming so jihoon at driving Mr. Rymzo crazy.
by Griffith Bakowski May 06, 2012
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