An overly arrogant asshole, usually Korean but not limited too, who sucks at minecraft
Steve: Yo that guy scored no goals and left mid match saying he's too good

Brian: Yea, he just pulled a Jiyong
by Larkylarky August 18, 2011
Top Definition
The real name the leader of Korean boy band, Big Bang. Otherwise known as G-dragon, his real name is Kwon Ji Yong.

The hottest/sexiest/cutest guy there is (; Looks great in EVERYTHING :D Is really childish at times, which makes him all the more cuter! xD teehee.

Awesome rapper, singer, actor. Sometimes known as the korean male version of Lady Gaga.

Is really caring towards his band mates, which makes him such a desirable guy 8)
I love Ji Yong.
I wish Ji Yong was here with me (:
by Ji Yongzx; March 09, 2010
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