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A Gemini that always smiles and watches smutty television like Cristina. A Jflo tries to hop over borders that don't actually exist. A jflo loves to dance, especially in a manner where she moves her knees and her hands in her unique set of dance moves. Can usually be found with a Fredy or can be found slumming on a couch of 1511.
"What is Rachel doing?"

"She is dancing like a Jflo!"
by daleen February 04, 2009
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Ground breaking system developed by large engineering and management consultants GHD Limited (4000 staff worldwide as of 2005).
Based in a Lotus Notes platform, the system is an intuitive proposal and job management programme that requires and captures key project information, approvals, reviews and checks. Using inbuilt delegation levels, each approval is directed to the appropriate level. Status reports provide updates to staff, and provide a live 100% audit process.
Go into J-Flo to manage projects
by F Hill January 16, 2006
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