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it's the kind of face a person makes when someone says something utterly stupid, or when you drop something after you were trying so hard not to. It's like a "WHAT THE HELL" face.

You can also say it whenever something dumb happens. It's kind of like a "okay no" sort of face, you know? Everyone makes it a lot, they just never know it's a jface ;)
sort of like this: =_=

Person 1: I made up a new word today!
Person 2: Cool, what is it?
Person 1: Squinkle.
Person 2: ...jface.
by Adie Indge December 06, 2007
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The abbreviated version of Judgment Face - or the unconscious facial expression made while judging another person.
I gave major j-face to the girl wearing a beret.
by kbzimm April 07, 2006
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Short for Jizz face Meaning a person has cum on their face.
Your such a J face!
by Slim pizza boy March 23, 2010
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