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A half white, half asian dude, who has nappy hair that grows into a jewfro. This dude also happens to be super cool and isn't your typical asian (i.e. he's bad at math). He also isn't studying to be a doctor or engineer, he is in a international studies program. He also happens to be a stud.
-"Hey do you know any jewsianfusions?"
-"yeah, actually! He goes to the same liberal arts college as me. He's super cool."
by GLstudent1234 November 17, 2012
Two supercool fiends, one Jewish, one Asian, both proficient in Photoshops.
Michelle: Hot damn, I wish I was like 'em Jewsian Fusions!
JF: The supercool Jewsian Fusions?
Michelle: None other! Est. 2003.
by Jewsian Fusion April 24, 2006

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