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A favored game of those of the Jewish faith, Jewography was born due to the phenomenon that most Jews can get connected in less than six degrees. Though it is usually played at USY conventions/summer programs, it is possible to play it wherever a group of geographically diverse Jews is gathered to eat and schmooze.
Oy…I thought the CJB with the Jewfro was hook up territory until we started playing Jewography. Turns out that he’s my cousin on my dad’s side.

Jew 1: So, you’re from Virginia…Do you know David Goldberg? Jew 2: Of course! He dated my sister’s best friend at Ramah, staffed my brother’s USY on Wheels bus, and is my rabbi’s third cousin twice removed.
by Amy February 27, 2005
The phenomena that most American Jews know each other through a mere one or two other people.
I ran into a girl at the mall, who's friends with my cousins camp friend. Crazy Jewography.
by frostfever April 23, 2011

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