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When a person lies on their back while naked and put the legs over their head. (This must be prepared a few hours before hand due to the fact that a butt plug is necessary to expand the anus.) The person then removes the butt plug and wait for their sexual partner(s). (Also a must: The partner on the delivering end must have a bad case of diarrhea.) The person on the delivering end then proceeds to 'take a shit' in the receivers anus, the delivering party the sits down, with a spoon and consumes the 'pudding' from the receivers anus. (This must all occur inside of an active gas chamber, because if you are down to do this shit, you need to be killed anyways.)
Cameron wanted to try something a bit more kinky then the usual, so he asked Andrew if he would like to partake in the sexual act of "The Jewish Pudding Cup."
by PyvT June 15, 2014
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