The Jewish Cowboy is a homosexual sex position. One man sits in a chair, while another man rides him facing the same direction as the man on the bottom. The man on the bottom reaches around to jack off the man on top. Right before the man on top ejaculates, he turns around and splooges on the mans chest in the shape of the star of David.
Man 1: Hey my good, homosexual friend, would you like to engage in a Jewish Cowboy with me?

Man 2: I have been waiting all day for you to ask me this question.

Man 1: Than let us hop right to it!
by bluewaffles13 January 22, 2011
Top Definition
A Jewish guy who is very unstereotypical: doesn't "look" Jewish, "act" Jewish, usually doesn't have an extremely Jewish name and typically hangs out primarily with non-Jews but still identifies unequivocally as Jewish.

ex. Actor Paul Newman, MLB Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg, Gene Simmons & KISS, champion wrestler Bill Goldberg.
"While real-estate lawyer Harvey Lipshitz went to a Nancy Pelosi fundraiser, Jewish Cowboy James Miller was pulling some 5-star pussy at the club"

Jewish girl 1: Who's that hot guy? I've never seen him at temple before.
Jewish girl 2: I've seen him at the gym before.. he's like sooooo cool
Jewish girl 1: a regular Jewish cowboy *giggles*
by JewishCowboy February 09, 2010
a jew, who is also a cowboy, often kills horses to make candles for Hanukkah, will often melt their siblings skin for wax. Loves to dress like the cowboy he is screaming "Yee-haw! Im a greedy bastard, ya scurvy cur!"
kid #1:: YEE-HAW! Im a greedy bastard, ya scurvy cur!

Kid #2 (To kid #3):: Thats guy is totally a jewish cowboy.

Kid #3:: isnt he part pirate too? I mean, he said "scurvy cur".

Kid #2:: Nope, thats what jewish cowboys do.
by MgamerNix July 21, 2008
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