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Noun. Basically, a semetic version of a Jihad. A Jewhad can be many Jews or just one, but if it involves a Jew who's pissed off like all get-out, chances are good it's a Jewhad. Do not mistake this for a Zionist (in the negative sense, not just a supporter of Israel) on a rampage. Zionists can go on Jewhad, but not all Jewhads are Zionist in nature.
The Israelis got so tired of the Palestinians that they decided they had enough of their terrorist BS and went on a Jewhad, leveling their little settlements.
by Loki Carrere March 31, 2006
Like a Jihad, but generally a lot less dangerous. a jewhad is a curse a jew puts on you, often resulting in loss of money of absent foreskin.
John: Fuck man, i need your help!

Eddy: What is it?

John: Rabbi Bergenstein put a jewhad on me and now my money is gone

Eddy: He got me too

John: What happened to you?

Eddy: Lets just say my cock is Jewish

Adolf: Whats up guys? The rabbi again?

Eddy: Yep

Adolf: dont worry, i will stop this from ever happening again
by chubby thy legend February 17, 2010
The nation of Israel's way of defeating the Jihadis.
Jihad will never win over Jewhad. This is Allah's will.
by James Meeker May 01, 2007
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